+Highlander Room Spray

quantum | atmosphere spray

oriental floral

Energising opening, sweet & lightly chai, clear verdant floral highs, enduring amber, with soft, earthy roots.
Available in 100ml bottles.

The journey

Fresh, sweet chai notes add a clear, spirited high to Quantum's, cheerful summer citrus opening, quickly followed by the ambrosial scent of wild orchid, purple mountain iris & verdant damask rose that fades leaving a soft vanilla to infuse with the stirring of woody amber notes that linger with sandalwood & wild carrot seed.

The narrative

The sun
Random effervescent pigment
In your hair
& ever inward

The misting ritual

Shake the bottle & spray into the air to atomise fragrance into any space you wish to smell delightful.  Natural aroma molecules release their fragrance when under pressure, which is why atomising is the easiest way to instantly transform & enhance your space with fragrance.  Over time the fragrance will infuse subtly & beautifully into your rugs, cushions, pillows and curtains.


A unique blend of 16 botanicals, diluted in an all-natural plant base for optimal dispersion, makes up our Quantum atmosphere spray.

4 types of citrus
Organically certified cold expressed essential oils from Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Lemon & Mandarin from Italian citrus groves.
2 kinds of subtropical tree blossom
1 kind of tropical orchid seed pod
1 kind of tropical spice tree fruit
The bark of 1 type of tropical evergreen tree
The seeds of a type of Eurasian wildflower
Thousands of petals of a perennial flower
Resin from a type of Mediterranean mountain shrub
1 kind of tropical tree wood
The aerial tops of 1 kind of tropical herb
The roots of 1 type of tropical grass

Fragrance Notes



Sweet Orange



Star Anise

Rose Otto

Orchid Accord


Botanical Musk

Soft Amber

Indian Vetiver