organic or organic?

The original scientific meaning of the word organic actually describes anything that lives! Anything, in fact, that is 'made' from organic compounds, which means anything that comes originally from carbon - which is the building block of every living thing in our known universe!

Organically grown

When it comes to buying things though, people are usually hoping that the word organic means that the product that they are interested in, (i.e organic perfume), was made from natural materials that were organically grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals; fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides. For example The USDA Certification. To display this certification, the product must be an organic product that contains at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt) & the remaining 5% must be ingredients that are not commercially available as organic - in other words, to be able to display the USDA certification. if you can get &use organic you must. There are areas in the world where Organic certification just doesn't exist and even if it does it is too expensive a process for small 'businesses' to afford. At Freedom Scents. we believe it is important to be discerning & support these small family farms & distilleries, including the wild gatherers whose harvests fall into the commercial category of 'Wildcrafted' & wild harvested. Fine organic plant extracts & essences are difficult to source with some being extremely rare & we are grateful for conscious suppliers of such treasures.

Why organic?

Synthetic chemicals; fertilizers, pesticides & fungicides used in conventional farming destroy the delicate microbiome of the soil that has taken thousands of years to establish this, in turn, diminishes the quality of the energetic & molecular aroma quality of the plants that grow in it & this includes their fragile aroma molecules. The toxic runoff from these chemicals is absorbed into the earth and seeps into the water, poisoning the waterways. Furthermore, these toxic residues harm the neighbouring birds & other wild animals and eventually find themselves in our food, fabric, cosmetics...& fragrance.