Organic or organic?

The original scientific meaning of the word organic actually describes anything that lives! Anything, in fact, that is 'made' from organic compounds, which means anything that comes originally from carbon - which is the building block of every living thing in our known universe!

Organically grown

When it comes to buying things though, people are usually hoping that the word organic means that the product that they are interested in, (i.e organic perfume), is made organically grown material without the use of any synthetic chemicals; fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides. An Organic Certification ensures a product is this - to what degree depends on the certification. There are areas in the world where Organic certification just doesn't exist and even if it does it is too expensive a process for small 'businesses' to afford. At Freedom Scents. We also believe it is important to be discerning & support small family farms & distilleries with their invaluable knowledge and respect of nature & devoted to the purity of their produce, including the wild gatherers whose harvests fall into the commercial category of 'Wildcrafted' & wild harvested.