The freedom to enjoy nature's fragrances

Primarily, it's about gratitude & respect for nature & what we will or won't/ do or don't put the planet, plants & animals through, just so that we can enjoy natural fragrances.

It’s also about the energetic and physical structure of the plant & retaining the essence of each exquisite aroma, it's vital energy & therapeutic benefits. Protecting this means that not only do our fragrances smell adorable but they positively pulse & harmonise with intrinsically wholesome accords that will weave beautifully into your life.

“There is no doubt that superior natural ingredients create sublimely superior fragrances” - Freedom Scents

We believe that harvesting & extracting ingredients should be done with the ultimate respect for the plants themselves, the other creatures that live amongst them including you & the planet that it all comes from & all returns to.

We think purity is important & we are grateful to be able to say that each & all of our ingredients, (& therefore fragrances). are certified organically grown & wild harvested ~ both of which avoid the contamination from pesticides, herbicides, & fungicides that have a destructive influence on the planet, nor do we ever add synthetics or additives to our fragrances.


Furthermore, once harvested, the essential oils we use are distilled & extracted using both traditional methods, such as steam distillation & enfleurage, or the state-of-the-art method of CO 2 extraction, which is completely harmless & environmentally friendly & provides a beautifully thorough, botanical extract full of aroma. No solvents are ever used in the extraction of our ingredients & for this reason, you will find that we do not use any absolutes.

‘Organic’ growing methods avoid the use of all synthetic chemicals; fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides & fungicides. ‘Certified Organic’ means that the ingredient or product has a certificate of traceability back to its organic roots.

‘Wild harvested and Wildcrafted ingredients’ are sustainably harvested from naturally organic plants, such as wild growing mountain herbs and wild forest trees. We at Freedom Scents love wild botanicals which naturally resonate with the sense of freedom!


We never compromise on the purity & quality of our ingredients & feel privileged to work with the premium grade materials that we carefully source from growers & distillers who share our respect & love of nature from all over the world.